About Us

Our Mission:
To create a gracious community in which all feel such acceptance that they are compelled to know Jesus Christ, embrace his purposes, learn his ways, and cooperate with him as he makes them like him. And through the study of scripture to discover God’s ageless principles for living, follow them, and thereby illustrate for all who are watching the heart of a God who loves us and only wants our best. Then to exert our influence on the people of Anchorage and the state of Alaska.

The Skyline Pastor Jim Envisions:
Skyline Foursquare Church is to take its place among the churches of Anchorage having earned a reputation as a wise and understanding people who deal with others graciously. We will earn credibility and respect because of our humble adoption of God’s ways. At Skyline the dignity of those who attempt to obey Jesus Christ will be safe no matter how many times they fail before finally succeeding.

We will be responsible enough to think for ourselves, skeptical enough to check things out in scripture, humble enough to be corrected, teachable enough to learn, and wise enough to never stop learning. An absolute confidence in God’s ability alone to convict of sin, reveal truth, and persuade, will stop us whenever we start to manipulate people. Honesty about our own failures will make it too uncomfortable for us to condescend or judge.

Our influence will begin with our family members and extend into our community. Such a gracious people will be powerful and experience an ever-increasing scope of influence.